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1... Sirens (1993) DVDRip XviD NEO E-mail

Catégorie: Multimédia » English movies | Auteur: paipie | Date: 2011 06 06
Sirens (1993) DVDRip XviD NEO

Sirens (1993) DVDRip XviD
English | 90Min | 672x368 | XviD - 1289Kbps | 25.000fps | AC3 - 384Kbps | 1.08GB
Genre: Comedy | Drama

A young reverend and his wife are on the way from England to Australia to minister to their flock. The bishop asks him to visit an eccentric artist prone to sexual depictions and requests that he voluntarily withdraw a controversial work call "Crucified Venus" from his show. The minister, who considers himself a progressive, is shocked at the amoral atmosphere surrounding the painter, his wife, and the three models living at his estate.
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2... Au-delà du mal - Shane Stevens E-mail

Catégorie: E-books » Livres | Auteur: mimino | Date: 2014 01 21

Au-delà du mal - Shane Stevens

Au-delà du mal - Shane Stevens

A 10 ans, Thomas Bishop est placé en institut psychiatrique après avoir assassiné sa mère.

Il s'en échappe quinze ans plus tard et entame un périple meurtrier particulièrement atroce à travers les États-Unis.

Très vite, une chasse à l'homme s'organise : la police, la presse et la mafia sont aux trousses de cet assassin hors norme, remarquablement intelligent, méticuleux et amoral.

Les destins croisés des protagonistes, en particulier celui d'Adam Lenton, journaliste dangereusement proche du meurtrier, dévoilent un inquiétant jeu de miroir, jusqu'au captivant dénouement...

Titre : Au-delà du mal
Auteur : Shane Stevens
Date de sortie : 2011
Genre : Thriller
Pages : 888 pages
Format : Epub
Langue : Français

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3... Spread (2009) BRRip XvidHD 720p-NPW E-mail

Catégorie: Multimédia » MP4/HDDVD | Auteur: neit84 | Date: 2012 03 04

Spread (2009) BRRip XvidHD 720p-NPW

Spread (2009) BRRip XvidHD 720p-NPW
1hr 37mn | 720p BRRip | avi | 1280 x 536 | XviD @ 2996 Kbps | AC3 @ 640 Kbps | 2.49 GB
Genre(s): Comedy | Drama | Romance

In Los Angeles, Nikki is homeless, car-less and closing in on 30, but he's amoral, good-looking, and adept in the sack, moving from one wealthy woman of 35 or 40 to another, a kept boy-toy. His newest gig, with Samantha, an attorney whose house overlooks L.A., is sweet, although it's unclear how long she'll put up with him. Then Nikki meets Heather, a waitress. Is the player being played, or might this be love? What will Nikki discover?
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4... Trasgredire (2000) 720p BluRay 2Audio AC3 x264-beAst E-mail

Catégorie: Multimédia » English movies | Auteur: silanh | Date: 2012 10 04


Trasgredire (2000) 720p BluRay 2Audio AC3 x264-beAst | Size 3.51 GiB
Genre : Comedy | Drama
Video : 1280x720 5000 Kbps 23.976 fps
Audio : Italian Dolby Digital Audio 2.0 | AC-3 | 256 kbps
Audio : English Dolby Digital Audio 2.0 | AC-3 | 256 kbps
Subtitles : English / Chinese
Runtime : 1h 30mn
Stars : Yuliya Mayarchuk, Jarno Berardi and Francesca Nunzi
IMDb : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0200192/

In London, the Venetian Carla Borin is searching an apartment to share with her beloved boyfriend Matteo. She meets the lesbian real estate agent Moira and rents a large apartment. When the jealous Matteo finds some pictures and letters from her former lover Bernard in Venice, he hangs up the phone and the upset and amoral Carla has a brief affair with Moira and intercourse with an acquaintance in a party. When Matteo comes to London, he concludes that his lust for Carla is more important than his jealousy and her behavior.

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5... Ma Mere (2004) DVDRip XviD E-mail

Catégorie: Multimédia » English movies | Auteur: life-good | Date: 2010 12 23
Ma Mere (2004) DVDRip XviD
Ma Mere (2004) DVDRip XviD Language: French + Subtitle: English 01:44:44 | 576x320 | XviD - 775Kbps | 25.000fps | MP3 - 127Kbps | 686MB Genre: Drama
Based on George Bataille s posthumous and controversial novel: When his father dies, a young man is introduced by his attractive, amoral mother to a world of hedonism and depravity.
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6... Manhunt RIP E-mail

Catégorie: Jeux » Jeux PC | Auteur: tanya-j | Date: 2010 09 29
Manhunt RIP
Manhunt | PC | 250 MB
Manhunt is perhaps the most violent, amoral video game ever made, and its entirely unapologetic about it. Produced by the same team that created Grand Theft Auto, it sees you cast as a death-row inmate reprieved from the chair to take part in a sick game run by a snuff-movie producer.
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7... Four Horsemen 2012 DOCU DVDRip XviD-JETSET E-mail

Catégorie: Multimédia » English movies | Auteur: tienbinh88 | Date: 2012 12 28
Four Horsemen 2012 DOCU DVDRip XviD-JETSET
Four Horsemen 2012 DOCU DVDRip XviD-JETSET
Language: English
AVI | XviD 994 Kb/s | 624 x 352 25fps | MP3 128 Kb/s | 1h 38mn | 700 MB
Genre: Documentary, Animation, News

Themodern day Four Horsemen continue to ride roughshod over the people whocan least afford it. Crises are converging when governments, religionand mainstream economists have stalled.
23international thinkers come together and break their silence about howthe world really works and why there is still hope in re-establishing amoral and just society. Four Horsemen is free from mainstream mediapropaganda, doesnt bash bankers, criticize politicians or get involvedin conspiracy theories. The film ignites the debate about how we usher anew economic paradigm into the world which, globally, woulddramatically improve the quality of life for billions.
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8... Goodbye, Emmanuelle (1977) DVDRip E-mail

Catégorie: Multimédia » English movies | Auteur: life-good | Date: 2010 12 24
Goodbye, Emmanuelle (1977) DVDRip
Goodbye, Emmanuelle (1977) DVDRip Language: French + Subtitle: English 01:37:51 | 720x304 | XviD - 1098Kbps | 23.976fps | MP3 - 128Kbps | 958MB Genre: Drama
Emmanuelle and her architect husband continue their amoral lifestyle in the Seychelles. But when a casual dilliance between her and a film director starts to turn serious her husband shows very traditional signs of jealousy.
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9... Millers Crossing (1990) 720p BDRip AC3 x264-MacGuffin E-mail

Catégorie: Multimédia » English movies | Auteur: nguyenhieu2 | Date: 2011 08 16
Millers Crossing (1990) 720p BDRip AC3 x264-MacGuffin

Millers Crossing (1990) 720p BDRip AC3 x264-MacGuffin
Language: English | Italian
Matroska | 3.000 GiB | 1280x694 | AVC @ 3 290 Kbps | AC3 @ 448 Kbps - 6 channels | 1h 54mn
Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

A highly styled genre film which can perhaps be seen as a pastiche of all gangster movies. Tom Reagan is the laconic anti-hero of this amoral tale which is also, paradoxically, a look at morals within the criminal underworld of the 1930s. Two rival gangs vie for control of a city where the police are pawns, and the periodic busts of illicit drinking establishments are no more than a way for one gang to get back at the other. Black humour and shocking violence compete for screen time as we question whether or not Tom, right-hand man of the Irish mob leader, really has a heart.
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10... ojosoft-total-video-converter- E-mail

Catégorie: Logiciels » Audio&Vidéo&Images | Auteur: diabolo44 | Date: 2010 06 28
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11... Avs Video Converter (Portable) E-mail

Catégorie: Logiciels | Auteur: andy3 | Date: 2013 02 06
Avs Video Converter (Portable)

Avs Video Converter (Portable) | 77.2 MB

Convert video between all key formats: DVD, AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP, QuickTime, SWF, MPEG, M4V, RM, DVR-MS, MKV, FLV, Blu-ray. Convert HD-video: M2TS, AVCHD, TOD, MOD, HDV
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12... Video Caller Id 1.11.04 (v1.11.04) Android Apk App E-mail

Catégorie: Mobile | Auteur: khoalai1 | Date: 2011 08 16
Video Caller Id 1.11.04 (v1.11.04) Android Apk App

Video Caller Id 1.11.04 (v1.11.04) Android Apk App | 1.08 MB
Requirements: Android OS 2.1 - 2.3.4
Overview: Set video ringtone on your Android phone!
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13... Watermark Softwares Video Watermark Software Pro 2.3 E-mail

Catégorie: Logiciels | Auteur: nemo1112 | Date: 2011 06 12
Watermark Softwares Video Watermark Software Pro 2.3

Watermark Softwares Video Watermark Software Pro 2.3 | 14 Mb

Video Watermark Software focus on protecting and watermarking your video file.
Did you worried your video will be unauthorized using and sharing, When people watching your video, do you want to let viewers know the video's source? You may need to add identity and ownership information to your video, ensure that viewers know the source.
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14... Portable Aoao Video to GIF Converter 3.1 | 22 Mb E-mail

Catégorie: Logiciels | Auteur: annaly92 | Date: 2012 04 18
Portable Aoao Video to GIF Converter 3.1 | 22 Mb
Portable Aoao Video to GIF Converter 3.1 | 22 Mb

Aoao Video to GIF Converter can convert video into a GIF animation easily and quickly, and play video images as GIF. Support for importing video formats include AVI, MPEG, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, etc. It can also convert video to other image files like JPG, BMP, TGA, TIFF, PNG, etc. If the video is great, you can crop it and convert only part of the video.
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