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The Foundry Mari 2.5v3 (Win/Mac/Linux) (12-April-2014) E-mail
Catégorie: Logiciels » Mac & Linux | Auteur: mozilla_pro | Date: 2014 04 12

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The Foundry Mari 2.5v3 (Win/Mac/Linux) (12-April-2014)

The Foundry Mari 2.5v3 (Win/Mac/Linux) | 162/212/193MB

MARI is the most fluid and natural way to paint in 3D. It makes life simple for artists by allowing them to paint directly onto 3D models with more time for painting and less time managing technical issues.

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BFD3 Library for Kontakt Kit 5 KONTAKT(12-April-2014) E-mail
Catégorie: Logiciels » Audio&Vidéo&Images | Auteur: mozilla_pro | Date: 2014 04 12

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BFD3 Library for Kontakt Kit 5 KONTAKT(12-April-2014)

BFD3 Library for Kontakt Kit 5 KONTAKT | 6.25 GB

A Kontakt library using the BFD3 Factory content. Part 2 of 7. Kit 5 is probably the most comprehensive kit in the BFD3 Factory Content. It has 6 Toms which all have articulations with both Snare On and Snare Off.
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TeamViewer 9.0.26297 EN - FR + corporate patch E-mail
Catégorie: Logiciels » Outils Internet | Auteur: Legend.Four | Date: 2014 04 06

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TeamViewer - the All-In-One Software
for Remote Support and Online Meetings
Remote control any computer or Mac over the internet within seconds or use TeamViewer for online meetings. 

New features in TeamViewer 9 for Windows:
Open multiple connections in different tabs 
Open multiple remote sessions in tabs, just like in your browser. For an optimal overview, you can also open all the monitors belonging to a remote computer in separate tabs. You won't miss a thing because opened tabs will always flash when new activity occurs on the remote computer, e.g. a new chat message from a customer.
Wake-on-LAN with TeamViewer 
Do you want to ensure 24/7 access to your computer without having to leave it running all the time? With the new Wake-on-LAN feature, you can now wake up your computer remotely whenever you need access. The wake feature simply works via another computer using TeamViewer within the local network or via a router. Here you can find detailed information on Wake-on-LAN.
Protect your TeamViewer account with two factor authentication 
Protect your TeamViewer account against unauthorized access with two factor authentication, just in case your password happens to land in the wrong hands. With an established authentication app (e.g. Google Authenticator), you can simply generate a security code with your smartphone. Both the code and the password are requested during login. With this two factor authentication, TeamViewer helps you meet HIPAA and PCI DSS requirements, among others.
Ready for Windows 8.1 
Do you or your customers use Windows 8.1? No problem. TeamViewer 9 is also optimized for this operating system.
Save customized customer modules 
You can now save customized modules with your company branding (TeamViewer QuickSupport, QuickJoin or Host) in your Management Console. You or your customers simply download the created module via an individual link.
Use the saved modules together with colleagues in your team.
Create multiple, different modules, tailored to a customer, a group, or a support provider, as needed.
Subsequent configurations are automatically applied to the modules already in use.
Now see a live preview of your configurations.
Your customer automatically receives the newest TeamViewer version during download.
Customize your download link, e.g. "http://get.teamviewer.com/my-personal-link" or send a short URL.
Copy and paste files, images, and text via the clipboard 
Copy files, folders, images, screenshots, text, and tables along with formatting from one computer to another via the clipboard. E.g. attach a local file to an email being sent from a remote computer..
Simplified file transfer without establishing a connection 
Send files to computers and contacts from your list without first needing to establish a connection. Using an FTP server to share large amounts of data or files that exceed your email attachment size limit is now a thing of the past. Starting now, simply use TeamViewer to share files with colleagues or customers in the blink of an eye.
Process customer cases in the service queue together with your team 
Now organize instant customer support in your team more easily. All service cases are collected in your service queue and identified based on a session code. You can now manually create a new session code and pass it on to your customer in the form of a link. Instead of sharing the TeamViewer ID and password, like you used to, the customer can now join the session directly with just a click. Alternatively, a code is created automatically, as soon as the customer launches your customized TeamViewer QuickSupport. In this way, new customer cases are added to your service queue.
Teamwork: Process incoming service cases together.
Assign: Assign service cases to yourself or colleagues.
Establish connection via session code: Connect via a session code, without being bound to a specific device and without sharing a TeamViewer ID and password.
Detailed information: View the status and details of all cases at a glance, e.g. customer name, wait period, description of problem, assignee, and more.
Reports: Use this information to create even more detailed connection and billing reports.
Notifications: Receive immediate notifications when new cases are submitted.
TeamViewer API: Integrate this feature directly into your own application as well.
TeamViewer API for integration into your applications 
Integrate TeamViewer with your systems, such as helpdesk, ticket, or CRM. The new TeamViewer API offers the option of seamlessly integrating TeamViewer functionalities into your own work environment:
Automatic synchronization of TeamViewer accounts for the users you manage, e.g. with Active Directory.
Automatically import reports into your own software, e.g. connection logs or bills.
Import user lists from your company environment into the Management Console.
Use service queue functions directly in your own software, e. g. session code creation.
Here you can find additional information on TeamViewer API.
Quick connection via desktop shortcut 
Add a shortcut to any computer so you can connect to it in the blink of an eye, any time, with just a double-click. Simply use drag & drop to pull the specific computer from your Computers & Contacts list to your desktop.
Notifications - Everything at a glance 
TeamViewer now informs you directly in your Computers & Contacts list when new notifications are available. Stay informed, regardless of where you happen to be. 
Notifications will show you:
New service cases
Service cases assigned to you
New contact requests for your Computers & Contacts list
Alerts about TeamViewer integrated monitoring checks
Current ITbrain alerts
Optimized video 
Video transfer is now even faster. Show your participant a video during a presentation or view YouTube videos on remote computers in real-time.
Redesign for even easier use 
New TeamViewer user interface and Computers & Contacts design. Experience a new touch-friendly design. Important buttons convert automatically when you use TeamViewer on a touch device.
Licenses, Updates and Backward Compatibility
TeamViewer 9 users can still establish remote control connections with TeamViewer 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
For technical and licensing reasons, a remote control connection in the other direction, i.e., from TeamViewer 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 to TeamViewer 9, is not possible. Meetings with version 9 are also accessible for participants with version 7, 8, however, vice versa it is not possible due to the mentioned reasons.
Version 9.0.26297
New scaling mode: best fit
Other minor improvements and fixes		

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Internet Download Manager IDM 6.19 Build 6 + Crack E-mail
Catégorie: Logiciels » Outils Internet | Auteur: Legend.Four | Date: 2014 04 06

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Date de sortie :03/04/2014
What's new in version 6.19 Build 6
(Released: Apr 03, 2014)
Improved video recognition in web players
Fixed bugs
nternet Download Manager optimise la vitesse de vos téléchargements et se gère entièrement depuis une interface unique. L'application améliore l'enregistrement des vidéos en provenance de YouTube, Google Video, MySpace TV et autres sites de partage de vidéo, vous avez juste à déterminez la liste des extensions à télécharger. Le logiciel regroupe automatiquement les fichiers téléchargés par catégories (général, compressé, documents, musique, programmes et vidéos). Internet Download Manager gère la fonction de reprise automatique des téléchargements. L'application s'intègre parfaitement à la plupart des navigateurs (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.). Enfin, le logiciel dispose d'un gestionnaire et d'un planificateur de vos listes de téléchargements.

1 A noter : Si vous possedez IDM sur votre PC il est recommandé de DESINSTALLER puis REINSTALLER la nouvelle version d'IDM
2 Installer IDM , ne pas le lancer
Si nécessaire fermer le service soit dans la barre des taches soit par taskmanager
3 Copier le contenu du dossier "3. a copier_coller" et aller le coller dans C: Program Files (x86)Internet Download Manager; Accepter le remplacement !
4 Puis rentrer le serial (inclus dans l'archive: point4)
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. .: Pack.Windows.8.Pro.Duo-Orion :. . E-mail
Catégorie: Logiciels » Système d'exploitation | Auteur: azertyuiop | Date: 2014 04 06

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Plateforme : Windows X86 X64
Editeur : Team Orion



Cette Release est composée de 3 Dossiers

Dossier Windows 8 Pro Duo-Orion
1 Fichier ISO : 5,84 Go

Dossier MSDart 32 bits et 64 bits

2 Fichiers ISO : Total 557 Mo

Dossier Pack Logiciels-Orion compatible 32 bits et 64 bits

1 Ficher .exe : 387 Mo

Configuration Minimale recommandée

Windows 8 32bits
1 gigahertz (GHZ)
2 gigabyte (GB) RAM
12 gigabyte (GB) hard disk space

Windows 8 64bits
1,5 gigahertz (GHZ)
3 gigabyte (GB) RAM
18 gigabyte (GB) hard disk space

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Autodesk Maya 2014 SP4 MacOSX(06-April-2014) E-mail
Catégorie: Logiciels » Mac & Linux | Auteur: mozilla_pro | Date: 2014 04 05

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Autodesk Maya 2014 SP4 MacOSX(06-April-2014)

Autodesk Maya 2014 SP4 MacOSX | 1.3 GB

Autodesk Maya 2014 - more creativity in the creative process of the artist. Autodesk Maya 2014 helps artists and developers to create content to meet the growing expectations of the modern audience. The new 2014 version of the product includes an expanded set of integrated functions for the simulation.
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Rosetta Stone TOTALe v4.1.15 - 38809 with 31 Language Levels & Audio Companion (Win/MacOSX) (06-April-2014) E-mail
Catégorie: Logiciels » Mac & Linux | Auteur: mozilla_pro | Date: 2014 04 05

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Rosetta Stone TOTALe v4.1.15 - 38809 with 31 Language Levels & Audio Companion (Win/MacOSX) (06-April-2014)

Rosetta Stone TOTALe v4.1.15 - 38809 with 31 Language Levels & Audio Companion (Win/MacOSX)
Windows/MacOSX | 31 Languages | + Audio Companion | 30.43 GB

Rosetta Stone includes many of the same features common to other language learning software products - native-speaker audio, text, a voice recognition feature to aid in learning proper pronunciation etc. The software teaches the main four skills of language learning - speaking, listening, reading and writing. There are a number of basic exercises that focus on a combination of skills such as reading and writing over listening and speaking or vice versa, or focus on just one of the skills.
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