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Magnetic Millionaire System Matt Furey Training E-mail
Catgorie: E-books | Auteur: lamduc | Date: 2011 08 16

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Magnetic Millionaire System Matt Furey Training

Magnetic Millionaire System Matt Furey Training
Language: English | PDF + mp3 | 460 MB
Genre: eLearning

* ???How to beee a Magnet for Moneeey??? What are the real keys to becoming a Millionaire? * All work and no play? Not a chance! * The 40-Year Plan? Phooey! * Giving up your daily Latte???? Oh no, not that!
Product Description

The Magnetic Millionaire formula is a set of 6 prosperity-producing CD???s. The first two are of me speaking LIVE at Dave Dee???s Superconference last November.

Dear Friend,

Ask most people if they want to make more money and they???ll say ???YES.??? Ask them if they???d like to be rich, to be a millionaire ??? and they???ll say, ???Yes ??? but NOT if I hafta work twice as hard as I am right now.???

No kidding. I couldn???t agree more. Especially because I discovered an incredible formula for attracting more money without killing yourself to do so. Yes, there is some work involved. Afterall, even robbing a bank, fleecing your spouse or trying to win the lotto takes some effort! Right.

Yet the truth is that many of the people who have no money work far harder than those who are wealthy. I know this for a fact because each day as I look out my window I see all the laborers working their butts off ??? in the hot sun ??? perhaps giving themselves skin cancer while putting a roof on a house ??? or mowing lawns ??? or laying cement. Sad but true!

Now, I???m not against hard work. I???m actually in favor of it, so long as everything is in balance. But I???m also in favor of having the RIGHT MINDSET as you work so that money mysteriously begins to flow to you at a faster and faster pace while you do less and less. What I???m talking about is FREEDOM from debt. FREEDOM from doubt. And FREEDOM from the death grip the poverty mindset holds on so many ??? including a great many so-called ???rich??? people.

What you???ve just read may sound like a bit of a mind-bender. Yet, I assure you that what I am telling you is true. Riches, wealth and mega-bucks flow to those who have learned how to magnetize and attract them. Fact is, there are a number of ???rich??? people who are terrified of losing what they have. They lack the Magnetic Millionaire???s mind ??? so they continue to live like paupers even when they have plenty of dough. Again, sad but true!

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